Internet Projects

Illustration by Deb J. Lee

Illustration by Deb J. Lee

Wake Me Up Gently

Wake Me Up Gently is an alarm clock I built for Amazon Alexa that will help you start your day in a more mindful place. It's a five minute buffer between sleep and IRL where you can take just a few moments to feel gratitude, peace, and inspiration.

JoJo the News Bot


I programmed an SMS bot to accompany The News from BuzzFeed News's audience engagement efforts.

JoJo is meant to help listeners engage with BuzzFeed News stories more directly, while also offering a way for listeners to give feedback on episodes.

You can read more here.


In an effort to broaden my familiarity with Asian and Asian-American culture, I am reading only books by Asian writers during 2017. I'll also be "blogging" monthly about my experience in the #aznbooks2017 newsletter. I hope that through this project, I can introduce people to the wide range of Asian cultural creators who disrupt the binaried racial discourse in America. 

Read more about my project here

Past issues: 

Audio Producer Salary Share

I conducted an unscientific survey and data analysis of the salaries that full time audio producers make at different types of companies.

You can read more about it here.

Pay Up

Pay Up is a private, Slack-based community dedicated to fostering conversations about the gender wage gap. I created Pay Up at the Washington Post with my friend and colleague, Julia Carpenter. We've created a thriving, organic, sustaining community of women who are working together to help close the wage gap. 

This was the first time Slack has been used in this way, for a journalistic use, and I was named one of the Online News Association's 2016 MJ Bear fellows for my work on the community. We've also been written up in Wired and Nieman Lab

For Equal Pay Day 2017, we published a comprehensive negotiation guide based on stories from members and expert advice. 

Pay Up is now an independently managed community online. 

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