Tell all my bad bitches I can see ya halos. 

Lindsey Rogers Cook - smashing silos all over the damn place, US News 

Jamie Gottlieb - social media, Roadie

Maura Friedman - multimedia superwoman, Chattanooga Times Free Press 

Julia Carpenter - queen of my dreams, WaPo engagement 

Sarah Lawrence - designer, map-maker, concert temp-tattooer, and sex educator, Paste

Brittany Robertson - branding/photo/design genius, Matchstic

Dana Balch - PR goddess, formerly the most famous blogger in Athens, Ga., Ogilvy

Polina Marinova - social lady, journalism badass, Fortune 

Tiffany Stevens - crime reports and social justice, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Darcy Lenz - foodie at Cooking Light

Sarah Giarratana - digital copywriter, IQ Agency 

Lori Keong - aspiring gamine, New York Magazine 

Stephanie Talmadge - we lived together and she was the boss of every student mag, now at The Week 

Rachel G Bowers - sports boss and Internet crusher, Boston Globe

Rachel Bunn - reporter, The Herald Times

Sandhya Kambhampati - was the most impressive member of the USA TODAY 2013 intern class, now: Chronicle of Higher Education

Casey Capachi - token other hapa in the crew, video at Washington Post 

Annie Daniel - graphics. code. Texas Tribune 

Kate Parkinson-Morgan - social, engagement, NPR