Podcasts I've made:

 (Logo by Sarah Lawrence) 

(Logo by Sarah Lawrence) 


Reporting to You 

Reporting to You is a daily news podcast I helped create for BuzzFeed News for smart speakers and social. Since launching, it has been developed into a video product in partnership with Spotify. I produce Reporting to You five days a week. 

It was featured on Apple Podcasts New & Noteworthy. 

You can listen to Reporting to You here. Or here. Or here


Methods is a podcast about how we know what we know. Host Brooke Borel  interviews someone who examines facts for a living, (journalists, scientists, historians, judges, translators, and more) about their processes — their ~methods~. I produced Methods for Caveat, an emerging storytelling event space in New York. 

You can listen to Methods here. 

 (Illustration by Chris Kindred for The Washington Post)

(Illustration by Chris Kindred for The Washington Post)

                                                (Logo by Sarah Lawrence)

                                               (Logo by Sarah Lawrence)

Other: Mixed Race in America

Other: Mixed Race in America is a miniseries podcast I created for The Washington Post in 2017. In its first week it ranked in the top 50 on Apple's podcast charts. Some cool people who liked it: Junot DiazGeorge TakeiD.L. Hughley, and Ann Friedman. Read coverage of Other here

You can listen to Other: Mixed Race in America here. 


The Ladycast

I created The Ladycast in 2015 because I felt like there was a dearth in the amount of women's voices and perspectives in the podcasting space. Since then, I have interviewed some of my favorite people on the Internet, including Jill Filipovic, Christine Nguyen, and Esme Weijun Wang. In November 2016, I hosted a live show at DC Podfest. 

You can listen to The Ladycast here.