The Argument

The Argument is a weekly podcast from New York Times Opinion hosted by David Leonhardt, Ross Douthat, and Michelle Goldberg.

It hit #5 on the Apple Podcasts charts and was featured on New & Noteworthy.

Listen to The Argument here.

The News from BuzzFeed News

The News was a weekly news podcast that we developed to highlight the voices and reporting in the BuzzFeed newsroom. In addition to regular producing and mixing, I also programmed an SMS bot called JoJo to accompany the podcast.

Listen to The News here.

Reporting to You

Reporting to You was a daily news podcast I helped create for BuzzFeed News for smart speakers and social. Since launching, it has been developed into a video product in partnership with Spotify.

It was featured on Apple Podcasts New & Noteworthy. 

You can listen to Reporting to You here. Or here. Or here.


Methods is a podcast about how we know what we know. Host Brooke Borel  interviews someone who examines facts for a living, (journalists, scientists, historians, judges, translators, and more) about their processes — their ~methods~. I produced Methods for Caveat, an emerging storytelling event space in New York. 

You can listen to Methods here. 

Other: Mixed Race in America

Other: Mixed Race in America is a miniseries podcast I created for The Washington Post in 2017. In its first week it ranked in the top 50 on Apple's podcast charts. Some cool people who liked it: Junot DiazGeorge TakeiD.L. Hughley, and Ann Friedman. Read coverage of Other here

You can listen to Other: Mixed Race in America here. 

The Ladycast

I created The Ladycast in 2015 because I felt like there was a dearth in the amount of women's voices and perspectives in the podcasting space. Since then, I have interviewed some of my favorite people on the Internet, including Jill Filipovic, Christine Nguyen, and Esme Weijun Wang. In November 2016, I hosted a live show at DC Podfest. 

You can listen to The Ladycast here