My name is Alex and I make things for the Internet. 


My name is Alex. I make weird and good things for the Internet. 

I'm a podcast producer, former social media editor, writer, and weird person who has a hard time staying inside boxes.  

Right now I'm an audio producer at BuzzFeed, where I produce podcasts and help figure out how to tell stories on interactive platforms like the Amazon Echo.

Before this, I was a social media editor at The Washington Post, where I ran daily social media and led social editorial projects. 


  • I made a podcast for The Washington Post about mixed race identity. 
  • I created Pay Up, a Slack community devoted to fostering conversation about the gender wage gap.
  • I wrote this response to a BS list of the most influential people (men) in podcasting, and it sorta went viral. 



Want to get in touch? Shoot me an email at laughlin.alex@gmail.com.